UV LED Curing Solutions Systems

Life Care Equipments Private Limited now leading manufacturer of UV LED curing solutions and systems for professional as well as commercial applications. We are manufacturing, supplying and dealing from last decade with curing by UV LED products and equipments. We have multiple options of wave lengths including 365 nm to 405 nm wave lengths and also provide customized waves and curing solutions.

Ultraviolet Light Emitting Diode (UV LED) curing systems are offered by us from Mumbai India to all over the world including Asia, Europe, USA as well as Australia. We are ISO [13485: 2003 & 9001: 2008] certified company and operating since 2002 for curing by UV to commercial and industrial sectors.

UV LED curing systems generally known as ultraviolet curing system and introduced in the 1960 when has been widely adopted in many industries an thousands of customers who have discovered UV saves money in mostly way . UV curing system has been shown to increase and developed production speed, reduce reject rates and facilitate strong and friendly bonding."BEST QUALITY IS OUR BUSINESS" is our thought and life care distributor provide best quality equipment like ultrasonic cleaners, cleaning system, endo scope and also UV curing solutions like flooring industry UV solutions, automotive, bottle and cups printing, many other printings, medical manufacturing, pipes and tubes and also custom UV LED solution by life care equipments set up 2002. Life care distributor who is UV curing solution manufacturer has also environmentally friendly characteristic because we can save energy and safe environment to pollution.

Manufacturer has many benefits by its inks coating and adhesive. In UV LED curing solution system using light in place of heat and based on photochemical reaction. Life care equipments manufacturer offers the highest curing intensities at great working range and a very friendly behaviour. We provide small modules for narrow flexo web presses and large offset presses depending on customer requirements. By these properties UV LED curing solution system is found the best LED UV option in the world.

  • Use only quality components and material
  • Less maintenance efforts required
  • Reliable as well as durable
  • Products are offered with warranty and guarantee
  • Technical staff available to assist
  • Efficient as well as proficient curing solutions
  • Useful of UV LED Curing Solutions
  • We have qualified team experts of UV curing solution experts in flooring, automotive, printing, medical equipment and other applications
  • Use lower energy and parts costs
  • Easy maintenance and no pollution
  • Eliminates scratching and wet ink
  • Medical industry's strict quality standards
  • Two UV system technologies to offer the best solution