Ultrasonic Bath with Cleaning & Cooling Facility


Life-Care Equipment Private Limited, significant provider of an extensive variety of ultrasonic bath with cleaning and cooling facility. Our professionals have achieved agility in manufacturing higher capacity degassing sonicator bath. Additionally, we offer customized production facility for our clients. In a really short time it takes out all dirt and foreign bodies from components which are immersed in the cleaning liquid. Ultrasonic with cleaning system offered by us since 2002 in Mumbai, India and also entire world to perform as per the user's expectations.

Model No Tank Size Tank Cap Temperature Range Ultrasonic Power
EN 200 US ( C ) 14” X 12” X 8” (H) 20 Ltrs 8˚ C To Room Temp. 400 Watts
EN 250 US ( C ) 16” X 16” X 6” (H) 25 Ltrs 8˚ C To Room Temp. 500 Watts
EN 300 US ( C ) 15” x 15” x 8”(H) 30 Ltrs. 8˚ C To Room Temp. 500 Watts
EN 350 US ( C ) 16” X 16” X 8” (H) 35 Ltrs 8˚ C To Room Temp. 500 Watts
EN 500 US ( C ) 20” X 12” X 12”(H) 47 Ltrs 8˚ C To Room Temp. 600 Watts
EN 800 US ( C ) 26” x 26” x 8”(H) 80 Ltrs 8˚ C To Room Temp. 800 Watts
EN 1000 US ( C ) 30” x 20” x 10”(H) 100 Ltrs 8˚ C To Room Temp. 1 KW

To maintain the bath temperature below the room temperature up to 8°C to avoid adding of "Ice Flakes" and "evaporation of the costly solvent" with inbuilt ultrasonic with cooling system facility. It helps to control the bath temperature without personalized attention & reduces the chance of damage to process liquid in a professional way.

This system consists of 2 parts viz
A) Ultrasonic Chamber
B) Cooling Components like coils, condenser & compressor of suitable capacity. It has a control panel to control various features of ultrasonic as well as the cooling system.

Electric transducers are attached to the cleaning tank. They generate ultrasound waves that vibrate the cleaning fluid at extremely high velocity, thus creating a process known as cavitation. Millions of tiny bubbles crash within the solution and penetrate into every orifice of the item being cleaned, eradicating dirt and grime within seconds. We have built a custom-made ultrasonic bath cleaning system wherein its in-built chiller unit when set to a desired temperature from 5 to 20* C can keep the sample cool. During the process of cleaning, ultrasonic generator will generate heat. In order to control the heat a chiller system is offered from outside the bath. This specific chiller offered in the Ultrasonic Cleaner regulates the temperature and keep the machine in good condition for a long operational life.

In most cases, cleaning needs a contaminant to be dissolved, displaced or both dissolved and displaced. The ultrasonic energy that’s let out of the machine and its mechanical effect can be helpful in both speeding dissolution and displacing particles. Besides cleaning, ultrasonic system is also beneficial in the rinsing process. Ultrasonic rinsing helps in the quick and complete removal of the residual cleaning chemicals. It’s quite essential for the solvent to come into contact with and dissolve the contaminant for eliminating a contaminant by dissolution. It’s only at the interface between the cleaning chemistry and the contaminant that the cleaning activity takes place.

These ultrasonic transducers form an important part of ultrasonic baths as the baths or cleaners have large transducer areas and tanks that produce a high powered ultrasonic intensity throughout the entire oscillating tank. These transducers have constant power and automatic frequency control that ensures optimum distribution of ultrasonic energy and reproducible results.
Magnetostrictive transducers employ the principle of magnetostriction wherein certain materials when placed in an alternating magnetic field expand and contract. Usually, these types of transducers are less effective than the other ones. This is mainly because these transducers require a dual energy conversion from electrical to magnetic and then from magnetic to mechanical. In each conversion, some energy is lost, further, magnetic hysteresis effects also detract from the efficiency of the magnetrostrictive transducer. Ultrasonic energy through Ultrasonic bath needs to be properly utilized so that it significantly contributes to the speed and effectiveness of several immersion cleaning and rinsing processes.

A specially designed & developed ultrasonic system to generate efficient ultrasonic energy compatible to low bath temperature it enhance the work efficiently greatly.