Ultrasonic Probe Sonicator

Ultrasonic Probe Type Sonicator & Homogenizer

Technology for Ultrasonic Probe Type Sonicator & Homogenizer

Ultrasonic Probe Sonicator Systems are comprised of 3 major components: U/S Generator, Converter and Horn (also known as a probe). During operation, the probes tip longitudinally expands and contracts. In liquid, the high frequency vibration of the tip causes cavitation, the formation and violent implosion of microscopic bubbles. The implosion of thousands of cavitation bubbles releases tremendous energy in the cavitation field thus objects and surfaces within the cavitation field are processed. The probe tip diameter and power dictates the amount of sample that can be effectively processed. It is important to select the appropriate generator and probe to match the volume, viscosity and other parameters of each particular application. Particles size reduction for ultrasonic probe type as well as ultrasonicator by us since 2002. Manufacturers of Ultrasonic Homogenizer offered in variety of range with assurity of safety, security, quality, efficiency, reliability as well as durability.

Digital amplitude / intensity control Output intensity can be set from 20 - 100%
Programmability 10 Programmes Maximum upto90 (Optional)
Pulse Mode Adjustable pulse On and Off times to prevent a heat build-up in temperature sensitive samples
Temperature Monitoring An optional temperature probe is also available
Run Multiple Programs in Sequence (optional) Multiple programs can be run in sequence
Total Energy Output Display Energy delivered to the probe is displayed in both Watts or Joules (Optional)
Trully Auto Tuning

The Sonicator digitally tracks frequency changes maintains electrical efficiency at all times

Overload Protection The unit is equipped with fault detection circuitry to shut down sonication in the event that a fault occurs.
Graphic LCD Display Control A large, MONO CHROME LCD screen clearly display all operating parameters and options.
Pulse mode Prevent heat build-up in temperature sensitive samples
Elapsed time indicator Displays duration of sonication, maximum 99 hrs.
Models Output Power Processing Volume range with different Tips Standard Probes
150 150 Watts 1To70 ml 6mm
250 250 Watts 1To 200 ml 12.7 mm
500 500 Watts 20 To 450 ml 12.7 I 19 mm
750 750 Watts 50 To 750 ml - 1OOOml 19 I 25 mm
Tip Diameter Processing Volume range with different Tips
3 mm Micro Tip 1To10 ml
6 mm Micro Tip 5 To 70 ml
6 mm Stepped Tip 5 To 70 ml

12.7 mm Replaceable Button Tip

20 To 200 ml
19 mm Replaceable Button Tip 20 To 450 ml

25 mm Replaceable Button Tip

50 To 750 ml - 1000ml