Ultrasonic Cleaning for Punches and dyes ( Tablet Tooling )


This "state of an art" equipments are designed for complete and thoroughly cleaning of punches & dyes (Tablet Tooling) without damaging the finish, surface, tip (with or without and engraving ) and material loss to avoids rusting and manual cleaning which helps for immediate validation of the tools. Ultrasonic dyes cleaner and punching tools and equipments manufacturers suppliers and exporters since 2002 in Mumbai, India to entire world which is completely cleaning dye without any damage to ensure perfect cleaning and also provide multi and single stage cleaner for different industries and sectors


The consistent output will ensure the perfect cleaning and avoids human error. We provide features like PSP, Auto-Degassing to ensure perfect cleaning of tools and equipments from their plain as well as intricate surfaces without any sort of damage to them.



A) Single Stage Cleaners
B) Multi Stage Cleaners