Multi Stage Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

Multi Stage Custom Built Models

High Power Ultrasonic Plate Sonicators

Multi stage high power ultrasonic cleaning system and ultrasonic plate sonicators with a huge range of frequencies, densities and high power ratings, custom built models will always deliver the best cleaning results with no compromise on either quality or reliability and performance……

High power multi stage ultrasonic cleaning system and ultrasonic plate sonicators for more complex industrial cleaning processes, requiring multi stage solutions, we are pleased to consult fully with the customer in order to develop the system to suit the purpose and meet stringent standards of cleaning….

Ultrasonic plate sonicators and multi stage high power ultrasonic cleaning system for custom built ultrasonic tanks can include a combination of aqueous, vapour and drying processes in a variety of flow control system.

High Power Multi Stage Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems & Plate Sonicators
Tank size 20, 30, 50, 100,150, 200 and higher
Chambers a) Pre-Cleaning with air agitation or dunking.
b) Ultrasonic Cleaning with or without dunking.
c) Hot Water Ringing with air agitation
d) Hot Air Drying
e) Configuration as per requirement
Tank Material SS 304 L or SS316, 1.6mm or 2mm thick.


(I) Pre-Cleaning Chamber

Air agitation, dunking, spray jet, Inlet & outlet for steam pipe for maintaining Bath temp. Inlet, overflow & drainage Lid, Max bath temp 80°C, Timer with buzzer

Optional: Recirculation with filtration & oil skimming, Timer & Digital Temperature Controller.


(II) Ultrasonic Cleaning

Precision cleaning is accomplished in the first tank. This tank is equipped with either 40 KHz or 25 KHz Industrials Ultrasonic, and incorporates thermostatically controlled heat. Now we can also provide a multi frequency operation called “MULTIFIRE”. This is the ultimate technology which leaves no DEAD ZONE while cleaning means 100% through cleaning. (Air Agitation or dunking if required), Inlet Overflow & Drainage, Bath Temp max 70°C.,Control panel with New Micro or regular, frequency – 25,33,40 or above, High temp (Optional), Low Noise, jacketed wall for water circulation or Inbuilt cooling system to control the Bath temperature.


(III) Hot water Rinsing

The rinse position includes industrial ultrasonic components as standard to assure that all soils and cleaning chemistry are driven from blind holes and crevices before the dry cycle.

Air Agitation, Spray Jet, dunking etc. with maximum bath temperature around 80 ° C timers with buzzer and digital temperature controller.


(IV) Hot Air Drying

The forced but soft (slow) hot air drying station utilizes evaporation, one of the most common drying techniques to remove water. Room air is heated to above 85°C, which enables it to absorb moisture from the parts.

Ceramic or Infra Red Heating, Max temperature up to 110°C, Manual, Automatic or pneumatic control lid, outside wall with insulation to prevent heat loss, Timer & DTC.


(I) (I) Manual with I beam structure pendant control & electrical Hoist.

(II) I bean structure with semi automation consisting of limit switches for positioning of hoist & basket, pendant control.

(III) Micro controller based Semi Automatic MHS as per option no.2.

(IV) Semi Automatic PLC based system to control parameters.

(V) Fully automatic PLC & HMI based system with or without TOUCH control.

  • Micro controller based soft touch control panel for easy operation.
  • Digital Display: 99minutes Timer, Temperature set / actual.
  • Indications: Heater on/off, Ultrasonic on/off, Pulse Sweep Power on/off, Degass on/off.
  • Preset auto degassing for removal of dissolved gases for powerful sonication.
  • Unique pulse sweep power mode for uniform sonication to entire volume eliminating standing waves generation.
  • Power Switch and Heater Switch


Ultrasonic cleaners are used in the Automotive, Sporting, Printing, Marine, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Engineering and Weapons Industries.


Ultrasonic Cleaners in Scientific Labs

Lab Glassware, Test Tubes, Pipettes, Optical & Contact Lenses, Eyeglass Frames, Scientific Instruments, Components.


Ultrasonic Cleaners in Industrial Manufacturing

Switches, Relays & Motors, Gears, Precision Bearings, Metal & Plastic Parts, Assemblies, Machined Parts, Electroplating.


Ultrasonic Cleaners in Electronic Manufacturing

PC Boards, SMDs, Ceramic Substrates, Capacitors, Lapping Heads, Packaging Components, Quartz Crystals, High-resolution Glass Plates.


Ultrasonic Cleaners in Medical & Dental Labs

Cannulae, Syringe Parts, Surgical Instruments, Blood Oxygenators, Dental Instruments, Burs, Dentures, Caps, Plates.


Ultrasonic Cleaners in Jewelry Manufacturing

Watches , Clock Movements , Precious Metals & Gemstones , Intricate Settings , Chains , Charms , Coins , Watch Straps , Glasses and Sunglasses, CD’s & DVD’s


Very important additional features most suitable for Pharma & other Industry now available


1. Low Noise

We are happy to introduce state of the art high frequency LOW NOISE machine which are below 70 db and certified by Government approved laboratories. With this feature, the machine can be kept in an air conditioned laboratory without any noise disturbance. This is very useful in a close laboratory environment. Such machines have been installed in many pharma companies with their appreciation. This feature is available only at 10% additional cost of the equipment

2. Cooling FacilityWe are also providing Ultrasonic Bath 20 Ltrs. and above with cooling facility to maintain low temperature up to 10°C to avoid damage to the liquid for continuous process requirement. This will not allow the raise in the temperature of the water in Ultrasonic Bath due to Ultrasonic vibrations. This feature is available at an additional cost depending on different size of different models. The price can be given on request.


3. Power Controller

We can provide all models above 3.3 Ltrs with variable power Controller from 50% to 100% for demanding application. This feature is useful to have Ultrasonic energy to the delicate components without any damages on the surface of the same. This are also used to control the process, time and to maintain the properties of the liquid. This is available at additional cost of 10% of the equipment.


4. Programmability

User can avail the facility and feature of programmability to memories product wise time, temperature of the Ultrasonic Bath . It also has a Jet Program for immediate action of the equipment. This feature is available at an additional cost vary from model to model.


5. Multi Frequency Operation

For the first time in India "Fast Clean" is introducing “Multifire”. Multiple frequencies Ultrasonic System for the toughest , rigorous & hi-tech parts cleaning for industries. This revolutionary Ultrasonic cleaning known as "Multifire" uses multiple frequencies simultaneously to provide the Ultrasonic cleaning characteristics of all the frequencies (Low& High) for drastic improvement over any other single frequency system.

1. Aluminium Foil Test1- Fixed Frequency
2. Aluminium Foil Test 2- Multifire

This system eliminates “Dead Spots “completely, which are normally seen in single frequency operation leaving no room for inconsistent & uneven cleaning reasons. Hence as a result best of impact & penetration is achieved for complete cleaning operation. The "Multifire" Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems are the most technologically advanced system available & can only be purchased from “Fast –Clean” Ultrasonic Cleaning in India.


High Power Ultrasonic Systems

For demanding Industrial applications such as the removal of Carbon, Oxides or Micron particulates from the blind holes or other porosity of the component at micron level to achieve the cleanliness level of international standards normal bath temperature for regular ultrasonic machine is @ 60°C whereas now we can offer the Ultrasonic equipment with the temperature up to 85°C without any damage, performance and the life of the equipment.

The advantages of using our equipment over other manufacturers will prove itself with variety of different models available with us