Single Stage Ultrasonic Cleaners & Cleaning System

The size and the capacity of these cleaners depend directly on the type and quantity of tooling. We have different sizes starting from 20 stations up to 80 stations either B type or D type tooling. Exporters and manufacturers of single stage ultrasonic cleaners and cleaning system offered by us as Life Care Equipments measuring company since 2002 from Mumbai India to export in Asia, Europe, US, AU, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

We also provide specially designed baskets (Punch & Dye holder) which helps to give maximum area of cleaning and easy handling. We ensure 100% drainage by providing tapered bottom with drainage. We have also introduced to provide Water jet gun for cleaning and rinsing of Ultrasonic tank from inside and prepare the tank for next usage or cycle. Our equipments are manufactured from S. S. 304 to meet stringent pharma requirement. The inside of the Ultrasonic Tank is mirror finish & argon ark welded with full buffing and smooth internal surfaces to avoid deposition of particle on the surface. Single stage ultrasonic cleaning systems and cleaners are also offered by us with reliable and durable guarantee to all over the globe.

    Single Stage Cleaner
    Single Stage Cleaners