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How Ultrasonic Cleaning Process Work?

Ultrasonic cleaning has, however, been used to great advantage for extremely tenacious deposits, such as corrosion deposits on metals. In any case, cavitation forces can be controlled, thus given proper selection of critical parameters, ultrasonic can be used successfully in virtually any cleaning application that requires removal of small particulates. Although the ultrasonic cleaning process […]

The Principles of Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning has found its most successful application in removal of insoluble particulate contamination from hard substrate surfaces.Contamination that is soluble or emulsifiable can usually be removed with facility by means of conventional methods in conjunction with suitable solvents or detergent solutions. Such techniques, however, cannot adequately remove particulate matter in the micron and sub […]

The Importance of Ultrasonic Cleaning in Labortory Applications

The significance of instrument Cleaning before sterilization has assumed critical proportions with the alarming increase in the incidence of cross- infections in clinics and hospitals. The traditional method of cleaning hospital, laboratory and clinical instruments has been the hand scrubbing method which has been found to be potentially dangerous for the persons involved in cleaning […]